If you want to lose weight, read this first.

You want to lose weight. It’s likely you’ve tried before, and given up or put the weight back on. If there’s just one thing I can tell you about losing weight, it’s that you shouldn’t go it alone. But today, I want to address 2 things.   You need support. We have evolved to be social creatures. Isolating yourself and trying to lose weight while miserable and lonely just won’t work. You’ll be miserable and unhealthy. Journaling. Yeh, that “Dear…

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REVIEW: Crankt Protein

This may seem like an overly positive review, but there really is nothing bad I could say about this product. It has everything I want and love in a protein source. A few months ago Crankt Protein contacted me asking to join their team of Crankt Athletes. I was very excited about this, as Crankt is something that I always buy at the grocery store or service station when I need a quick and tasty protein source. I only like…

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Do you struggle with this too?

  Since I can remember, I’ve struggled with procrastination, not finishing what I start, motivation, laziness, being easily distracted, and not being able to follow through with my goals. Other women email and message me daily saying they struggle just as I did. At a glance you may think the opposite of me. Many tell me I seem dedicated, driven and focused. The truth is I’ve been so frustrated with myself so, SO many times. I felt like my mind…

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Women’s Transformation Video Course

How do you get to your goal body… Let me show you the way! Gain life time access to a self paced program that helps you: Lose weight Improve strength Increase lean muscle Boost mood & Feel happier Improves Health Boost confidence Look and feel your best   I’ve got you covered!   For a one time payment of $97 USD you can gain access to my video course.   You can choose how fast you want to progress through…

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For some reason women embrace detoxes and cleanses that do not empower us to improve. Too often they cleanse us of our will to live. Now, I’m not saying that some of us don’t need a reset. It’s hard to grow and change with an initial boost to do so. What I’m About to Cover Fix your sleep Get up, walk, listen to something that empowers you Join my Facebook Cult Ditch the detox and the excuses Write down what…

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What supplements should you be taking for fat loss?   Supps can be EXTREMELY confusing and overwhelming. It’s hard to tell genuine products from useless ones. If your goal is fat loss – it’s very easy to fall into the trap of buying supplements that just don’t work.   I have been the victim of dodgy salesmen and scammy supps  – when I wanted SO badly to lose weight. I was stuck, due to poor advice and misinformation. I want…

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The 5 Fat Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

Are these common fat loss mistakes killing your progress?   Instead of trying the same failed approach over and over, scrap what you know and start doing what works. Delete the narrative in your head as to why you can’t succeed. Avoid these mistakes and you will be ahead of the game. The diet industry is good at filling your head with nonsense, it’s time to skip the BS.   MISTAKE 1: GOING TOO LOW ON CALORIES Starving yourself and…

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Non-Scale Reasons to Upgrade your Diet

Much of the health fitness industry is targeted towards those that want to lose weight. This may be a fundamental flaw in underselling what upgrading your eating behaviours and exercise habits can REALLY do for you. Sure, it’s nice to look better – but why?   We’re chasing a feeling. We want to UPGRADE rather than continue on the downward spiral or stagnation that we find ourselves in. Coming at exercise and healthy eating purely from a weight loss perspective…

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UPGRADE YOUR DIET: How to get consistent scale & measurement changes

How to get consistent scale & measurement changes   When it comes to fat loss and body composition improvements, your diet consistency is always going to be the most important factor. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter whether you are eating “healthy” or not. What matters if calorie balance, and whether you are consistently in a deficit over time.   Now, if you don’t have much over 10lbs to lose, you can see some favourable changes eating at maintenance…

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10 Steps to a Bangin’ Bod – Basic B*tch Guide

Want 2018 to be your year? Want to finally get that bangin’ bod and stop being a big wad of excuses? Time for my ten best basic b*tch strategies to help get you toned and basic AF.   Being basic may not be all that exciting. But basic is simple. Keeping things simple and not trying to use your brain to overthink and sweat the small stuff can actually be extremely useful when it comes to fat loss.   Instead…

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