Aim for progress, not perfection..


Even though you’ve heard it before, are you REALLY applying it to your life?

When I began to understand that succeeding was about making today just 1% better than yesterday, things started to flow.

Choosing one thing at a time to improve on allows you to make consistent forward progress. This is so motivating everyday, turning yesterday’s slip ups into today’s improvements.


Instead of having a slip up, followed by a “I’ll start fresh on Monday”, get into the mindset that, you can still make that day better than yesterday even by a small amount.

It’s the little efforts and improvements that seem insignificant at the time, that make all the difference.

We tend to overcomplicate things, but getting in shape can be easy. It’s simple but it takes patience and consistency. Most of us would rather hard and intense diets or exercise programs that aren’t sustainable, thinking that we can get there faster. The truth is, there aren’t any short cuts that are worth taking.

If you want to lose weight, without rebounding to put you right back at the beginning, a reasonable approach that is more enjoyable, will pay off. Patience is key.

One step at a time can mean..

– walking everyday, even if it’s only 5mins

– eating steamed veg with at least 1 meal

– switching a late night snack to a lower calorie option

It’s the little things that multiply exponentially to give you insane results.

What will your one forward step be today?

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