If you feel like giving up…


Every one of us faces obstacles. Obstacles that stand between us and our goals, our happiness, our best selves. This is not an article to tell you what 5 foods you should eat or what exercise is so hot right now. It’s time for real talk.


Self love beats hate.

Forget about self hate and pity. This will only prevent you from overcoming setbacks. Do not wear yourself down, there are plenty of other things and people that will try to do this. Instead make it your job to build yourself up – So high that the opinions of others cannot reach you. Stop caring what anyone else thinks. Start looking after yourself. When things aren’t going smoothly, simply respond by working twice as hard, out of self love. Ever love someone so much you’d do anything for them? Well make that person YOU and give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted. Developing a better mindset can be one of the most powerful tools to get you to your goals. Because it is never just about getting to an end goal, but learning to love the process. As cliche as that sounds, finding a strategy that you enjoy and choosing to love the process is a cornerstone of continuing real success. Hating your body often gives superficial and short lived results without a positive shift in mindset.

Never ever quit.

The difference between those who reach their goal body and those who fail, is that some never quit. Never quitting means loving yourself enough to not give up when things get tough. You do not give up on someone you love.


I have had my fair share of obstacles. When training like a crazy person at crossfit and doing an extreme paleo/keto diet, I was trying harder than ever and getting zero results. I didn’t quit. When I wanted to fight muay thai I got kneed in the chest and fractured my sternum a month out from the fight, making it impossible to train. When my second chance to fight was approaching I  got german measles and was prescribed complete bed rest and not to leave the house as I was contagious. I have struggled with anxiety to the point where I didn’t want to get out of bed or see anyone because everything was too much. I was carrying around so much guilt as I felt my problems were so insignificant in comparison to what was going on in the world and I did not deserve to feel sad. A mindset change


I tell you this not for pity, but to tell you that we all struggle. You are stronger than you think. In these moments of darkness, know that it is ok to not be ok. It is how you respond to setbacks that matter. No matter how many times you feel like giving up you can always keep going. It is worth it. To get to your goal, there will be many challenges.


Change your mindset.

If you are struggling with your health, your fitness, struggling to find any motivation, know that this is simply an obstacle to overcome. Your brain tries to pull you back into the safety of your comfort zone. In trying to protect you from anything and everything, it stops good things coming into your life. It is your job to act before your brain has a chance to tell you that you aren’t good enough or there is no point in trying. These negative voices can be met with the reassurance that it is worth it, it is going to work out if you keep going. Do not let you inner worry control your life. Worrying is forcing yourself to live through every negative possibility until your brain believes it as truth.



Looking after your health and fitness is a great path to confidence and motivation. You do not need motivation to start, it comes through perseverance. We succeed because we keep going even when we see no light at the end of the tunnel. The difference between where you are and where you want to be is conquering your mind to develop a winning mindset. One that knows success is inevitable is you keep moving.


Start today. Start small. Keep pushing.


Stop looking for a short cut.

You can have everything you want, but it isn’t going to happen overnight. People that try a 10 day detox diet, instead of learning to eat right for the body they want and training smart, end up further behind. There are no shortcuts here. Learning the right skills and taking a steady approach is better than rushing to the finish line, only to find you ran in the wrong direction. If it was easy, we would not have so many people destroying their health with poor diet and lack of movement.


Stop accepting the way things are. Decide what you want. Figure out what it is going to take to get there.


You are responsible.

When I find myself wanting to sleep in, eat something that isn’t in line with my goals, or thinking about skipping a workout, I ask myself – do you want to be good or do you want to be great. Sometimes we have to hear some hard truths to accept that we are responsible for the outcome. You must do more than what others are prepared to do to get better than average results. Once you have decided what you want, do not compromise. You do not need to go to extremes, but do not allow laziness to halt your progress. Do not settle.


Sometimes things don’t go to plan. You eat an unplanned pizza, you skip a few workouts, you lose site of your goal. You must never allow this to keep you from getting right back on track. The longer you dwell in the negative the harder it will be to get going again.


Never ever settle.

Do it because you know you are worth it. No one else is going to do it for you. You deserve to be happy. Set your standards high. Not to what you think is just achievable, but to what you REALLY want. Never settle.


Unsure where to start? Start here: AIM FOR PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION

Want more on motivation and mindset? Email me with the subject line “never quit” for a free copy of my mindset & motivation booklet: dell@dellfarrell.com

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