5 things NOT to do if you want results


1 Stop quitting when things get hard

When the obstacles you face become hard to tackle, quitting is an attractive option. It’s easier to quit than to keep trying. Fear of failure and lack of perseverance hold us back in every meaningful pursuit. You must act as if failure is not an option.

If things get hard, respond by working harder. If you slip up or don’t feel like it once the initial novelty has worn off, remind yourself why you started. It is a good idea to have one page of writing that you can turn to when you feel like giving up. This letter to yourself should contain why quitting will suck so much more than staying the course.

2 Stop listening to others

The people around you will be one of the biggest obstacles. Even if they truly love and care for you, people tend to see change as threatening. If you are changing, they may feel that you don’t love them as much, or that when you change you will no longer accept them. When it comes to changing your body, you are going to face a lot of resistance if you are in an environment where fit and healthy is not the norm.

“Come on, live a little” – you may hear this phrase when someone is trying get you to eat something that doesn’t align with your goals. They may make you feel like you are too obsessed with working out or tracking what you eat, because your dedication makes them feel uncomfortable about their own habits.

I overcame such circumstance by sitting them down and compassionately explaining to the why this is important to me and that their comments or actions make my life difficult. Even if they don’t come around at first, you will find the resistance ease as you start getting results. The same people are usually encouraged when they see the effort paying off. Some will begin to ask for help with how to make changes. This is a truly great feeling to have this kind of impact on someone else.


3 Stop Settling

Stop accepting the way things are. Change and improvement is ALWAYS possible. It may seem difficult, but it is totally worth it. Our brains want us to settle, because when we try something hard/new/scary we risk getting hurt and disappointed. We start settling for less than what we want and deserve. We start saying it’s ok to be average and not get what we want. It’s ok if you don’t want to get insanely strong, fit  or shredded, but it is likely that you still want to improve beyond your current point.

I was always someone who thought I would never be able to have a lean flat stomach. I thought I did not have the ability or discipline to stick to a diet. I trained hard but internally my message to myself is that I don’t have what it takes. I didn’t think I was good enough and so I settled for less. You need to snap yourself out of this if you want to see impressive change. Keep pushing. Don’t accept less than everything you want.

photography by Andrew Muller

4 Stop Complaining

Understand that it is your choice to change your life. You choose the outcomes you want. Outside circumstances are not to blame. There is always someone in a tougher position with less than you, still getting where they want to be. Every complaint or excuse you make to yourself as to why you can’t or haven’t yet reached your goal is training your brain to accept the negative.

Try going a week excuse and complaint free. Start a dollar jar that you pay into every time you make and excuse or complaint. This will make you mindful of any tendency to complain and be negative. Try to list your common complaints or excuses and come up with positive counter statements to say in place of these. Instead of  – “I have to track what I eat, ugh!”, try – “I’m lucky I know how to eat towards the body I want”.  Instead of – “I don’t feel like working out today”, say – “I’m grateful I’m healthy and well enough to be able to work out”.


5 Stop Changing the Plan

“Oh I’ll just have today as a cheat day”
“I don’t feel like strength training, I’ll just go for a run”
“I’ll start on Monday”

Consistency is key. You’ve heard it before, because it’s true. Stop straying towards the new and novel things and stay the course.

We all have that friend that seems to be on a diet or training program almost constantly but is always skipping or half assing workouts and cheating their way through the diet. They have good intentions but just aren’t getting the results. If you constantly stray from the plan, expect progress to be slow. Have a structured training plan specifically for you body and your goals. This should target your weaknesses and play to your strengths. You should have a well designed nutrition plan that is tailored to your likes and dislikes. Instead of changing it when things get tough, think of ways you can make it easier to stick to it. For tips on how to do this read: “improve: a practical guide to a better you” 

We all have the ability to listen to the motivating voice inside us or the voice that tends towards negativity and holds us back. Choose which one you will listen to.


Key Takeaways:

  • Have one page of writing that you can turn to when you feel like giving up. This letter to yourself should contain why quitting will suck so much more than staying the course.
  • Explain to those around you that your goal is important and that you value their support. 
  • Instead of accepting the ways things are, push the boundaries every day.
  • Switch complaining for gratitude and appreciate that you have the ability to transform your life.
  • Choose a plan and stick to it. Increase your adherence until you get to where you want to be.

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