How to: Tracking Progress with Photos

Photos are a great way to measure progress. Simply looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale can be deceiving. But not all photos are created equal. In order to be able to use photos to measure progress, there are a few things we need to keep in mind.

1 Lighting & Background

Try to use a well lit area. You want the natural or artificial light ideally behind the camera for best photo quality. Try to take photos in an area that is going to have the same consistent lighting every time. If you are relying on natural light, try to take the photos at the same time of day each week if possible. Try to have a plain / solid colour background if possible.


2 Distance from Camera

Using the same stance/pose each time, stand the same distance from the camera. Try to replicate your previous photos so comparing is easy.


3 Time of day

If you are full or have just eaten a meal, you may look more bloated compared to first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Try to take this into consideration when taking photos.


4 Wear something that shows your progress

Something small that doesn’t hide your shape is best for progress photos. For women, a bikini or crop top with shorts works well. If you wear something that’s a little too small to start, you will notice a great difference as you start to lose inches.


5 Set a timer

If you don’t have someone to take the photos for you, either set a timer or take a video, pausing for a few seconds in each pose. Don’t change poses too quickly or your screenshots may be blurred.


6 Shoot Wide

Don’t chop your head or feet off. Shoot wide so you get your whole body in the shot. You can always crop later if you want to.


7 Take Front, Back and sides

For side photos make sure your hand is not in the way of your stomach, blocking your outline. Front and back photos can be taken with hands relaxed or flexed – whichever you choose, keep it the same every time you take photos.


 progress photo

Taking photos every few weeks, or as often as once a week, is a great way to measure progress without having to jump on the scales. If you want to use more than one form of progress tracking you can also try measurements, having a tight outfit that you try on each week to see if it gets loser, or measure adherence to habits and mini goals. Find out how to improve each week here.

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