IIFYM: How to get results by Tracking Macros

How do you win? Do the hard things. Find the things that are most uncomfortable and do them over and over. You must fight your excuses and rationale at every turn to make sure it does not hold you back from your true potential. The difference between winning and losing is being able to ignore the BS reasons your brain gives you and replace them with a never stop trying conviction.


When it comes to significant body recomposition, it’s going to take changes to your habits, your environment, your attitude, your thought process, your schedule. You must make the decision to eat things that fit your goals. If you are tracking macros to eat towards the body you want, there are two options:
1 Eat something you have tracked
2 Don’t eat until there is something trackable you can eat

There is no other option if you want results.

Your training is important, but without improving your food intake you will not see results. There are many consistent gym goers that train hard and still look average at best. Don’t be the guy in the gym that never changes because they never do the hard things.

The more times you allow yourself to have an unplanned meal or day off tracking, the harder it is going to get to stay the course. Make the hard decisions so that things become easier. The harder you push yourself in the beginning when it comes to IIFYM, the more you will learn and grow the ability to continue when things get tough.

Tracking everything BEFORE you eat it will lead to better accuracy and accountability. If you start to let things slip, you will not see the results.

There are many people that say they track and use IIFYM.. Then you see their social media and they are constantly eating out or eating things that are nearly impossible to track accurately. These are the same people that have asked me for advice and wonder why they are not getting results. The solution is simple but not easy.

This way of eating allows you many freedoms and flexibilities that other extreme diets do not allow. This does not mean everything is going to be easy. Every time you decide you can have something untracked or over your macros, you are taking the easy way out. But the easy way out leads to continued disappointment. The truth is, the easy way is not easy at all. Remember that when you are complaining about tracking or thinking that things would be better if you didn’t have to eat according to your goals.

If you aren’t getting results it’s because you aren’t hitting your macros. It’s your choice whether you get results or not. Do not allow yourself to play the victim and pretend it is too hard or it is out of your hands.

The longer you are in this game you realise it is so much about mindset, attitude, and continually taking action. Action precedes motivation. Mindset and attitude drive and guide your action. Choose to get started today. Stop planning, thinking about it, wondering how it will happen. Start now:

> Calculate your macros using me free calculator www.dellfarrell.com/macro-calculator/
> Enter your number into My Fitness Pal or similar app
> Enter your day of food you want to eat and adjust the quantities and ingredients until you are as close as possible
> Have a food scale so you can track accurately in grams
> Shop & prepare so you have those exact foods as you need them
> Stock up on staples like protein powder, lean protein sources, eggs, oats, mixed veg fresh and frozen, etc
> Stock up on “back up” protein sources like protein bars, jerky, tuna – just in case you run out of fresh options and need to hit your protein.
> Commit to tracking everything even when it is hard and you don’t feel like it.
> Decide you will not quit and you will not settle.

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