Counting Calories

I want to talk about counting calories.

It’s a method that doesn’t work for a lot of people, or only works for a short time. I want to talk about the reasons why my methods of tracking macros are superior to the regular calorie counting process.

Where do most people go wrong with calorie counting?
They try to go as low as possible from day 1
They estimate instead of tracking accurately
They over restrict and then binge on weekends undoing all progress
They set calories so low that they are nearly impossible to stick to and zap all energy
They don’t prioritise protein, fruit and veg enough
They try to cut out all carbs

If someone says counting calories doesn’t work, it’s usually because they are making one of these detrimental mistakes.
How is my program different?

We start high.
Giving you more calories and carbs to work with initially is healthier mentally and physically. If you start at under 1500cals, you will stall sooner, have less energy to complete workouts, have less nutrients to help your body recover. As your body adapts, we have plenty of calories to work with if we need to adjust down. This is a super sustainable method that give incredible results.

We don’t skimp on the protein.
If you do any research on protein and body composition, you’ll find out that it is a HUGE help. It helps repair and promote lean muscle mass. It helps keep you fuller for longer. It has a higher thermic effect than other macros. Do not underestimate the importance of protein when it comes to looking your best. The protein number I prescribe you will be optimal without being excessive. Please split this number evenly into 3 or 4 servings each day. Because we don’t store protein like other macros, it is the most important number to hit each day.

We love fibre.
You will need to hit a fibre number (20g+) with your macros. Your transformation challenge guide and daily habits will help you hit your fruit and veg intake. This helps with keeping you regular, fullness, and overall health.

We love carbs.
Forget the low carb propaganda. Eating carbs is one of the best things you can do for your transformation. They fuel your workouts and help regulate important hormones and sleep. We don’t deprive you of carbs and under fuel your training. Placing your carbs before your workout and in your last meal is what we recommend.

We do the numbers.
Your weekly check ins determine whether adjustments need to be made. We don’t guess and we don’t adjust until needed. Everybody responds differently so we take a whole range of metrics into consideration with your diet and training program.

We teach you HOW to track.
There are few common mistakes made when tracking. These mistakes can throw your numbers and progress way off course. I assess your digital food diary weekly as well as your habit goals to see how you can improve each week. These small continual improvements add up to huge results over time.

We help you understand.
Rather than giving you a meal plan that doesn’t allow you to think for yourself, we guide and educate you so your progress can keep going beyond your challenge. Instead of setting you up for rebound and disappointment, we give you the knowledge and tools for success.

We are here to help.
Change can be very confronting, scary and hard. Having someone to talk to and support you when you feel stuck makes a world of difference. Our constant email support and weekly check ins mean you are never alone in this process.

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