Why I am a Strength & Nutrition Coach

For some time I was disheartened with the industry. I saw girls who had never struggled with weight become instagram famous and sell dumb programs that just don’t work for most people. The advice a lot of these individuals give is simply terrible.  “Comp Prep” coaches pushing illegal substances to go along with their extreme diets that leave their clients without energy while giving them an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I’ve seen this paired with excessive cardio drive people into a very negative place.

I was ready to give up, and in fact I did for some time. Being a strength and nutrition coach that sells reasonable programs that actually work, is less attractive to people than quick fix fad diets and extreme exercise programs. It’s disheartening to see people fall for the same shit and ignore logic.

One of the most powerful things I did was to stop caring what others think and comparing myself to others. Staying true to what I know is right and giving people the best education and training even when they ask for a quick fix wins out in the end. I finally realised my purpose was to help girls that have been in the same position as me.

I don’t want anyone to think I am different or better than them in anyway. My life has had endless up and downs. An important lesson I have learnt is to not be ashamed to fail or take some wrong turns. Knowing the highs and lows are something we ALL share and the girl who is always happy and seemingly perfect on social media has low days too. Everyone struggles and feels totally lost and worthless at times. Most hide it well.

I want every client i help to know that I know what is it like to struggle. I have felt like every part of me is so low that I cannot get up. Feeling like things will never change or get better, and if they do, you will always be pulled forcefully back into the negative headspace that takes everything good in life from you. It takes the great person you are and pulls you down until you feel worthless and become bitter. I’m driven to help girls that still feel like this.

Keep trying, it does get better.

Improving your health, fitness, strength, habits and mindset won’t cure everything, but it is a powerful first step into creating a better life. Focusing your energy on something positive and having someone who will support you no matter what will help you so much on this journey. Not everyone has access to positive and caring people in their current environment. Having a coach that actually cares can make a world of difference.

I am a guide that shows you the way. That tells you to keep trying when you feel like quitting. That cares and understands when it feels like no one else will.

I see a lot of “health coaches” and PTs take make their clients feel inferior. They tell them they aren’t good enough because they can’t follow a super strict program to the T. They yell at them and make them feel guilty for slip ups. These coaches feel morally superior because of their diet or exercise regime. No, you aren’t morally superior because you eat all organic and go to the gym on a friday night instead of partying. This way of thinking often leads to stressed out clients that feel as though success is out of reach for them because they are given a narrow view of what success should be.

The flexibility and customisation of programming leads to better adherence. This creates confidence and motivation for continued success. Instead of forcing rigid and unrealistic views onto people, work with them to create REAL lasting changes.

Your life can improve a great deal through improving your diet and exercise habits and having someone guide you. Going to extremes is not needed. Simplicity and flexibility is key.

I coach because I see so many people destroyed by shitty coaches that care about money more than the client. They care about themselves instead of shifting their focus to the client’s well being. If you have been the victim of a shitty coach that isn’t there for you when you need help or makes you feel unworthy, find someone who is kind enough to actually care about getting to your end goal without making you feel like they don’t really care.

I provide a tonne of free content on my site to get you started. If you need a helping hand, email at dell@dellfarrell.com


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