I have a lot of friends, clients, and strangers on the internet tell me that they feel uncomfortable at gym. Going to gym is something that can make a lot of us feel awkward and uneasy.


I want to share my experience with you and explain why going to the gym doesn’t have to be scary.


People go into a gym thinking others are looking at them and judging them for the way they look, their form, or what exercises they choose.  The truth is, most people at the gym feel this way at some point. You must realise that most people either feel the same as you do, or are too busy focusing on themselves to notice anyone around them. Remember the following tips to help combat gym anxiety and build confidence:


Don’t worry about other people – we all start out as a rookie and most people don’t notice what others are doing anyway. The busier the gym is, the less likely anyone is going to be looking at what you are doing. Thinking that other people are judging you is just something that isn’t worth worrying about. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?


I know sometimes this is easier said than done. That’s why my next tip involves getting help.

Getting Guidance – Getting somehelp at the gym from a knowledgeable trainer or gym buddy can ease the anxiety that working out in public may bring. Having someone with a lot of experience to guide you will make the gym workout much more enjoyable.


Follow a Program – Sticking to a program will make everything run more smoothly. You know what exercise is next and what reps and sets to do. If you can’t follow the program exactly, don’t sweat, you can always skip and exercise if the equipment is in use and come back to it later. Sticking to a program often gives you more motivation. You will spend less time wondering what to do and will be able to track what lifts you are getting stronger on.

Be Flexible – If the gym is busy and you can’t do your chosen exercise, it’s always good to have some alternative exercises to do instead. Having dumbbell, carbell and cable variations up your sleeve can make sure you have plenty of options. You can utilise youtube technique videos to learn new exercises to try.


Don’t be afraid to mess up  – Doing some things wrong is a risk you take when you are trying new things. This is how we grow. Attend the gym with a curious mindset and realise no mistake is permanent. 


The more frequently you go to gym, the easier it is going to get. Embrace the awkward stage and you will soon overcome it. Always remember that you are going to feel so much positivity and confidence when you become a regular gym goer with more competence from regular practice. Training is not about being perfect, but simply trying to get better.

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