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I’m usually not one to do product reviews as I don’t believe in relying too heavily on supplements to lose weight. To get lean and toned, you need to prioritise strength training and be in a calorie deficit. Using supplements can help to some degree, but I always emphasise getting the fundamentals down before turning to supplements. That is why I provide a tonne of free info to get you started on my site.

As you may have experienced, when you diet you get hungry. I can comfortably sit around 60kg without dealing with too much hunger. But as I decided to start dieting down to get leaner for summer, my body naturally sends more hunger signals to my brain. When sitting at 58kgs, I decided I wanted to push it to the next level. I also find while dieting my focus and attention is not what is usually is. Taking some sort of Nootropic (aka smart drugs) like piracetam or noopept usually helps me with this. I’ve decided to try a product that can tackle both hunger, energy and alertness. If you are taking any weight loss product, the goal should be to take something that helps you stick with your diet (tracking macros accurately) and gives you an energy boost to workout. You don’t want something that’s so heavy on stimulants that you can’t sleep at night, as sleep is essential for healthy progress, energy levels, recovery and fat loss.

The slimtum product range I have been trialling over the past few weeks has help me drop past my current plateau and make dieting a whole lot easier. I use “Prometheus” upon waking before my morning walk. It gives me more energy and motivation, as well as blunting hunger signals.

I use intermittent fasting to help make the dieting process easier and more enjoyable. I used the “Yang” formula during the first part of my fast and prior to my first meal. When I stopped taking it for a 3 days, I noticed a considerable increase in hunger levels and lack of concentration. Hitting my macros and sticking to my fasting period has really been so much easier with this product.


Combined with this is it has a sleep formula – “Yin”. If you’ve read much of my material you’ll know I’m big on sleep. It affects hunger, energy insulin sensitivity and is very important for both fat loss and muscle building. I always aim to prioritise sleep as it play such a vital role in performance and recovery. I love that this company has made a product to help with this.


This is my honest insight into how these products worked for me over 30 days. I have pretty constant training, diet, and other variables. So although this is not a controlled test, most variable were controlled.


When coaching clients I get them to track:

Sleep – I felt it was easier to fall asleep and sleep quality was improved (less waking up during the night)

Mood – mood and motivation was increased without crashes that you usually get with thermos and pre workout

Energy – energy levels for morning walks and training remained high even though I was losing weight.

Hunger – as mentioned above, hunger is a huge issue for most when dieting and I feel the biggest benefit of this product was its ability to reduce hunger, making diet adherence easy.


These products will definitely be something I will utilise well into the future. I managed to pushed down to 56kg, losing this additional 2kg in less than a month. This is a really good, consistent rate of progress for me, especially considering I have already dropped from 63kgs within the past few months. The leaner you get, the harder it gets to cut further. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to push past a plateau and make dieting easier.

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