5 Steps to Looking your Best for the Holidays

Many of us plan trips throughout the year or have special occasions we want to look great for. With 3 weeks until my little Melbourne trip, I want to share with you how I look and feel my best for any special event.


This means a focus on getting a little leaner, as well as staying fit and healthy so I can make the most out of my time away.


Step 1 Starting your day with a morning walk. I walk my dog for up to an hour, this usually includes lots of hills. While you can get a lot of benefits from walking on the treadmill, I find outdoor walks best. You get a good dose of morning sun exposure which helps regulate your sleep cycles and helps you feel more alert in the morning. This walk is a blood flow booster and helps you feel more alert and energised throughout your day. If you aren’t particularly a morning person and have trouble making this a habit, try taking an energy supplement like Slimtums products .


I use either Yang or Prometheus to give my walk a boost. It helps you feel motivated and is a great appetite suppressant. This comes in handy if you are intermittent fasting. This isn’t a necessity but it just makes everything a little easier.

Step 2 Heavy weights. Aside from my morning walk at a leisurely pace, I’m not doing any additional cardio. You don’t need a workout with short rests that makes you sweaty to get a great result. Get strong on the main lifts and take 2-3mins rest between each set. This is best both from muscle growth (aka Toning) and strength. If you want to look good, getting strong on squats, military press, deadlift variations, bench press, and adding in some accessory lifts is the way to go.


If you have no idea where to start with weight training – my 8 week challenge provides a full custom program with videos, plus form check. 

Step 3 Eat your fruit and veg. Eating 2-5 serves each of both fruit and veg (fresh or frozen) daily is a must for me. A piece of fruit is a nutrient packed carb source that helps with energy and provides essential micronutrients. If someone tells you to avoid fruit to lose weight – they are honestly full of BS. You don’t want to cut out something that can be so beneficial. I like apples, bananas, mixed berries and peaches. As for veggies, I always have frozen microwavable veg on hand as an easy option with pretty much no prep or clean up. If I have a little more time I’ll go with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach and throw in some fresh herbs from my veggies garden. Experiment with veggies until you find your favorite ways to eat them. Don’t forget starchy carbs in the form of potatoes and pumpkin. I love baking a whole bunch of jacket potatoes for my meal prep. White potatoes are a great diet food as they are high on the satiety index – meaning they are one of the most filling foods you can have. Avoid adding excessive fats and oils to them if your goal is fat loss.


Step 4 Protein Power. I shoot for 30g protein with each of my 3-4 daily meals, which puts me right up to my daily target. Protein helps with recovery and promoting lean muscle. It helps you feel fuller for longer. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you need less of this to lose weight. While we can survive on less protein, having the right amount for your goals will make things much easier. If you are vegan you may want to try a plant based protein powder like Prana’s Himalayan Salted Caramel https://www.elitesupps.com.au/products/power-plant-protein?variant=32321015307


Step 5 Sleep. This is vital and often overlooked. The truth is, lack of quality sleep makes fat loss an uphill battle. You will never get ahead if you don’t choose to makes this an absolute priority. This is not only for fat loss but for overall health. Lack of sleep can have negative effects on insulin sensitivity, energy, hunger, mood, and so much more. Even if I get 1 poor night of sleep my hunger and cravings significantly increase. Improving sleep is a key strategy that most people lose site of. If you are struggling with your sleep right now, commit to the following:

No screens within an hour of bedtime – Yes, I know this is super difficult. But staying out of shape with poor mood and energy is FAR more difficult. Leave your phone in another room and read a book before bed. Use an alarm clock instead of phone alarm.

Have a pre bed ritual – Something like reading a few pages of a book, laying clothe out for the next day, showering or having a magnesium bath, brushing your teeth and then going to bed will help you fall asleep easier.

Watch the clock – Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. This will make both getting up and falling asleep easier.

Take magnesium before bed – This also helps with PMS symptoms. https://www.elitesupps.com.au/products/magnesium-forte-120-tabs-1

Get sun exposure in the morning – If you are doing your morning walks outside you will get a healthy dose of vitamin D!

Employing these stress free simple strategies can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Remember it’s about more than just losing weight. You can feel happier and more confident through taking smart steps to improve your body.


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