Non-Scale Reasons to Upgrade your Diet

Much of the health fitness industry is targeted towards those that want to lose weight. This may be a fundamental flaw in underselling what upgrading your eating behaviours and exercise habits can REALLY do for you. Sure, it’s nice to look better – but why?


We’re chasing a feeling. We want to UPGRADE rather than continue on the downward spiral or stagnation that we find ourselves in.

Coming at exercise and healthy eating purely from a weight loss perspective makes it harder to stay on track. It’s easy to tell yourself you don’t really care about your clothing size and the way you look. We need to go beyond the superficial. We must look at the countless benefits that mean so much more than scale weight.


So what are the hidden benefits that we should be paying more attention to?



This affects every aspect of our lives. Having more energy on a daily basis means we can more easily improve not only our lives, but the lives of those around us. Being able to optimise our energy through the food we eat and the activity we engage in is vital for progress. Eating a consistent diet that provides us with key nutrients means feeling better every single day.



If you have more energy – your mood is going to improve. With a consistent meal schedule and better nutrient intake you are less likely to to be HANGRY. Less tiredness means you will be more proactive daily and this in turn improves mood. If you don’t prioritise eating right and being active – you will be a shittier person to be around. You will put less effort into life and in turn get less out of it. We all want to feel good and not be a person who sucks to be around.



Eating well and moving more makes you feel good. And you know what – feeling good… it FEELS GOOD. You do not deserve feel sucky or unhealthy. If you’ve never really looked after yourself – you’ve never known what it is to feel vibrant. Stop selling yourself short and start investing in yourself. It is worth it.



If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia or sleep issues, you know how much it SUCKS when your sleep is lacking. Improving your sleep will help you in every aspect of life. Diet and training will help you combat your sleep issues. When you sleep better from improving diet & exercise – it becomes easier to train and eat right. It’s a snowball effect that has huge positive impact on you life.



It’s hard to focused and stay alert when you are tired and inactive. Improving blood flow through movement and increasing intake of nutrients will give you a boost in this respect. In a world full of distractions and business – we could all use a little more of this. Gain the focus you need to follow through with things. To finish what you start and accomplish more.



The feeling of conquering the habits and behaviours that add up to big change is powerful. Each small accomplishment activates a drive and determination to reach the next level. Life is like a video game where the results actually mean something. You can keep levelling up and improving yourself beyond what you could ever imagine. Throw down the controller and get good at the ONLY game that matters – life.


If you want to know how to upgrade your diet to improve these factors – start here.

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