UPGRADE YOUR DIET: How to get consistent scale & measurement changes

How to get consistent scale & measurement changes


When it comes to fat loss and body composition improvements, your diet consistency is always going to be the most important factor. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter whether you are eating “healthy” or not. What matters if calorie balance, and whether you are consistently in a deficit over time.


Now, if you don’t have much over 10lbs to lose, you can see some favourable changes eating at maintenance and lifting heavy weights. This is where measurements and photos become more important than scale weight. If you are in this camp, you need to shift your focus to daily changes that you have control over. That is – training, eating within your caloric and macronutrient targets, getting your daily steps in, sitting less. Focus on shifting your lazy brain towards action. Daily action on a consistent basis will convert to impressive results. This is ONLY if you are consistent in your efforts. Trying really hard some days, then reverting back to your old self on others – means progress will be painfully slow.


To combat this you need to constantly tell yourself where your values lie and what kind of person you are?


Are you the kind of person that sits on the couch watching tv or browsing on their phone for 60mins plus – OR – are you the kind of person that utilises that time to plan and prep tomorrow’s healthy meals even though you are tired and may not feel like doing it.


You must expect your lazy brain to kick in, then tackle the task regardless.


Ask yourself – what action can I take that will make getting to my goal easier? Doing the hard thing now means things will be easier later. Will you choose action or laziness?


So how do you make your diet consistent AND results producing?


  1. Be a slayer of excuses – write a list of excuses and downfalls that usually set you back. Make yourself painfully aware of these, then write a list of what you will do when these arise. Being a pessimist in this regard is a good thing – plan for the worst so you are always prepared. Plan for your lazy & worst self in order to become your best self.
  2. Use myfitnesspal. This is the best free tool in creating awareness around what you eat. We’ve started with mini goals and habits, but if you would like better results this is the next step. It’s a numbers game. Tracking your numbers and trying to get a daily new high score by getting closer to your targets is undoubtedly the fast track to results. While you can just stick with habits, I give you the macros + myfitnesspal option if you think you are ready to push yourself and see incredible results. If you would like to go with this option please let me know, as I understand it is not for everyone.
  3. Based on your macros, write a food plan. I can either help you create this or check over it once done. This is a skill I want you to develop, so that you can use it going forward to create lasting results. I do not provide cookie cutter meal plans in this course as they tend to disempower and disarm you against the realities of the world. Using the following meal planning guide you can put together a meal plan that fits your goals.
  4. Avoid going too low. You need to eat as close to your target as possible. Going too low causes problems including making you stall faster and more frequently. It also can lead to uncontrollable cravings and binge eating. Setting yourself up with an eating disorder is the last thing you want to achieve. Trust yoru macros and don’t think you are doing yourself any favours by eating at or below 1200cals.
  5. Be honest about your overall intake. This is a painfully common pitfall of dieters. We underestimate and underreport intake even when we believe we are being 100% accurate. The ideal way to combat this is to only ever consume something after tracking it in myfitnesspal. Your brain will almost definitely try to steer you away from this as it is programmed to keep you in your comfort zone. Getting into the habit of consuming things before you eat will mean results come faster. If you aren’t happy with your rate of progress it means your efforts need to match your expectations. If you have a mindset of no track – no eat – you will become the lean and results driven person you wish to become. Combat the resistance in your brain that tells you it’s too hard or you aren’t good enough. This can be achieved no matter what situation you are in. Remember it isn’t forever – but this level of effort over a short amount of time will produce outstanding results.


If you find the voice in your head already coming up with excuses as to why you can’t – you are not alone. We all face that inner resistance at every turn. It is what has kept us in a place we are not happy in. Choose happiness today by choosing action and a relentless pursuit of results. It is more than worth it.


Meal Planning Guide


STEP 1: Choose your food list

Write a list of foods you like for each of the following categories

Lean Protein Sources

Fibrous Veg


Starchy Veg, legumes or Carbs

Healthy Fats





Lean Protein Sources

Chicken Breast

Egg whites

Crankt Ready to drink protein

Fibrous Veg



Frozen veg mix

Chopped greens mix

Cucumber, capsicum & carrot sticks




Starchy Veg, legumes or Carbs

4 bean mix

White potatoes


Healthy Fats

Fish oils


chia/hemp/flax mix




Greens powder

Alpha gpc


Slim tum products


Single serve pack of low fat ice cream (eg skinny cow)


From the above list you are now ready to create your food plan:


Rules for meal plan:

Include 3 meals & 1-2 snack of protein, veg or fruit

Use intermittent fasting by pushing first meal to 12.00PM

Include 30g+ protein 3-4 times a day

Always include carbs pre training  (within 3 hours pre training)

Add salt/pepper/herbs/spices to taste

Stick to the same meal times daily to regulate hunger hormones and increase adherence



Slim tum yang x 2

Probiotic x 2


Meal 1 > 12:00PM

Crankt Ready to drink shake (30g protein)

150g blueberries

2g fish oils

1tbs Greens powder


Meal 2  > 2:00PM

Protein pancakes (eggs whites/banana/protein powder/oats/seed mix)

5g creatine


Meal 3 > 6:00PM

Chicken (or fish/tofu)

Mixed greens

Grilled mushrooms


Baked white potato


SNACK > Anytime

Single serve ice cream

Cucumber, capsicum & carrot sticks

Mixed veg with 4 beans mix, salt/herb/spice mix and low calorie sauce

^ this low calorie fibre packed option will keep you full when cravings hit. Use this as your secret weapon to lose fat with battling constant hunger.


PRE BED > 30mins before bed

Alpha GPC

2g fish oils


Sleep formula (eg Slimtum “Yin”)

^ Ideally take this 45mins or more after a meal


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