For some reason women embrace detoxes and cleanses that do not empower us to improve. Too often they cleanse us of our will to live. Now, I’m not saying that some of us don’t need a reset. It’s hard to grow and change with an initial boost to do so.

What I’m About to Cover

  1. Fix your sleep
  2. Get up, walk, listen to something that empowers you
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  4. Ditch the detox and the excuses
  5. Write down what you eat to raise awareness and mindfulness
  6. No one is coming to save you
  7. It’s time to believe in yourself

I want to give you my winning recipe to renergise and reignite your passion for life. Skip the juice cleanse FAD and get into these strategies that will boost mood, confidence, energy, creativity, happiness and more. This is my gift to you. I have come from a dark place of hating myself and wanting change so badly.

I allowed myself to slip into a place of self loathing and self pity. I took action out of self hate rather than self care. Let me be the one to tell you this cannot create positive lasting change. You must treat yourself and your body as you would treat a child or pet that you love and care for.

My siberian husky is the absolute light of my life. I love her more than anything in this world. Because I love her I make sure she is walked, gets play dates with her doggo friends, has treats every now and again but mostly consumes a good diet that keeps her happy and healthy. She is groomed not to impress but so that her smooth coat feels nice and fresh and undercoat does not get too thick and hot which may cause skin irritation and other problems. If she is naughty and messes up I am never too hard on her, she doesn’t understand. She only understands love and compassion. Everyday we bring smiles to each others hearts.

Why am I telling you how much I love and care for my dog? Because it is the perfect example of how you should care for yourself. You should not punish yourself, or try and force change out of hate. I’m sure your need for change comes from a place of wanting to feel happy, confident, positive and to belong. You want to use physical change to cure your problems and your sadness. You think you will be happy when you reach a certain scale weight, have abs, or some other goal.

The truth you’ve got it backwards. This isn’t a way to stimulate happiness. The happiness, and decision to be positive must come first. The action will precede the motivation. I’m here to tell you what has worked for me, methods grounded in science. I’m here to unveil the truths of lasting change and why your energy is everything.

I wish to empower you to live a better life through self care. Self care is not taking a bath or getting a makeover in my eyes. It is doing the things today that makes life easier for your future self. Setting up the systems to go above and beyond what you thought was possible. Let us begin.


There are so many problem with detoxes and cleanses. They are commonly consist of starvation calories. While this may result in a quick weight drop – it is mostly water weight and muscle you lose. Slowly the weight creeps back on, usually with a few added pounds for good measure. The lower calories can zap your energy, hurt your sleep, and deprive you of key micronutrients. The truth is – your body does an excellent job of cleansing itself – given the right fuel. This is your permission slip to never put yourself through the torture of another cleanse or detox ever again. Instead I will guide you through the best practices for a reboot.

While calorie intake matters, for the purpose of this reboot you will not have to count calories. Instead you can simply keep a written food diary on paper or in your smart phone – choose the easy option for you. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of your intake and food habits. What we measure we can manage. While a typical cleanse leaves you feeling deprived and desperate, after your 30 day reboot you will be ready to take things to the next level. You will be eating for success, not to depress. The idea is to regulate your energy intake to make it as consistent as possible. Eating too little or too much on any given day has the power to make us feel less and zap our energy. To streamline success we must avoid both extremes. For those who gravitate towards the all or nothing approach – this may be tough. We tend to see things and black and white. A more reasonable and logical approach is often overlooked in favour of an extreme that promises rapid results. The truth is, the rapid shortcut tends to lead us in the wrong direction. Taking what I call “the middle road” may seem longer, but ultimately gets us to the end goal faster. Added to this, it can make the journey FAR more enjoyable. Instead of a short lived result after much torture, you get an impressive result that was not only enjoyable to get to, but easy to maintain.

Before we go into what you should be eating, what training you should be doing, or supplements you should be taking – I want to start with some forgotten foundations of change

Starting with small easy habits is essential. The number 1 goal with these habits is that we do them consistently, no matter how small. This means breaking it down into a VERY manageable size so that success is inevitable. Start small and add very slowly. You are going to want to jump ahead and make big significant changes. I urge you to keep the bigger picture in mind. Shift the focus to small daily wins that promote consistency and a positive feedback loop. This is a tested and proven way to develop lasting habits that make success easy. This will diminish excuses and ramp up motivation. I encourage you to keep a hand written journal of your journey to track progress and habits. Having things in writing brings clarity and calm. It is also nice to look back and see how far you have come. Step by step you will transform your life beyond what you once believed was possible.

Your inner skeptic holds on to old beliefs that do not serve you. It aim to trap you in a loop. A cycle that gives you the same. This inner resistance is a primitive voice that tells you it cannot be done. It comforts you by telling you the answers are more complex and out of reach and that is why you cannot get ahead. It tricks you into thinking the comfort zone and giving up the easier option. Let me tell you that this voice will throw excuses at you left right and centre. It will try and blame others, to put roadblocks in the way wherever your path lies. I’m here to tell you this voice is a liar. No matter where you are, there is ALWAYS a way forward.

Believe me when I say we all encounter this voice. Our brains are wired to keep us safe within our comfort zone. This is why “listen to your body” or “trust your gut feeling” is often TERRIBLE advice. I would not be where I am today if I did not go against what my body was telling my and push through to the other side. It is ok to be skeptical at times, but never allow your skeptic brain from telling you this will not work. Do not allow it to feed inaction. You must choose action everyday over being frozen in overthinking.

Sleep is the magical cure to so many things. This world that glorifies busy, and thinks “the grind” to success is paved with sleepless nights, is downright dangerous. There is nothing better than a good night of quality sleep for stress, health, mood, body composition, focus, motivation, and more.

Chronic poor sleep and sleep deprivation result in so many problems. This is when our skeptical brain is against us. It tells us we don’t have the time to sleep more, we aren’t a morning person, we are a night owl, we can’t give up our poor sleep habits. The truth is, you cannot afford to put sleep on hold. Sleep is the foundation of health. It allows us to reset and reboot daily. Mastering your sleep habits is an absolute must if you want to progress in a positive direction.

If we are sleep deprived even a little bit, we suffer. We are less productive and focused at work. Our mood and social skills suffer. We get less out of every single day. Can you really afford to not make this priority? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Don’t be tricked into thinking “I could get up early if only I could get to bed earlier”. The truth is, you must force yourself to get up at the same time each day to help regulate your sleep wake cycles. The first step is getting up at a time that allows you to live each day to the fullest.

Once you get up, you must start with your first automatic habit. You will lay out your clothes, sneakers, headphones and set your alarm the night before. You will avoid looking at screens and any bright light within 45-60mins of bed time. Once that alarm goes off you gotta be quick. Spring into action the moment your brain wakes up. This is a sure fire way to beat the excuses. You may feel like ass starting out. You may feel like you are wading through quicksand – but let me tell you this will not last. Once you are clothed and your shoes are on, put those headphones on and step out the door. Getting direct sunlight in the morning will help a great deal with normalising your sleep patterns. We are not designed to be creatures of the night. We do not thrive like this. The sun is our energy. The morning burst of vitamin D from the sun will help you live your best life. To become your best self.

The power of a morning walk to motivate you and energise your day is incredible. Without these morning walks I feel sluggish, I want to drift back to sleep. I find most of my motivation and creativity is sparked by this morning ritual. While a long morning walk may seem daunting, all of us are capable of a few minutes. Start with even one minute and document your process in your journal. Pay careful attention to how you think and feel during these walks and how this changes the more you do them.

Create a ritual where you listen to a song that elicits positive feelings, a youtube clip or any audio/podcast/etc. The combination of sound, sunlight and movement is your new morning ritual to light a fire in your day. It will get your moving physically and mentally. This will give you the momentum needed to conquer each and every day. If you want my favourite podcasts, audio books and youtube vids that inspire me each and every day – join:
Grow with Dell: Women’s Diet + Strength + Self Improvement Squad

All too often self improvement and self development courses sell you on the lie that there is something wrong with you. That you are not enough – but through there course you will find the answers you seek. This thinking keeps us needing their support and guidance, and usually we are told we need to next course and the next answer to finally figure things out. They keep us dependant and deprive us of the truth. In a way we become brainwashed to thinking this particular way of healing ourselves is what we needed to be shown. That a charismatic leader needed to heal us of our woes. This creates a god like status with a set of followers with a strong bias. Any notion that the method is anything short of devine is scoffed at.

I’m here to tell you there is no magic solution and there is nothing wrong with you. We are simply a product or our daily habits and rituals, beliefs, plus our environment. We must take daily action to improve these areas in order to achieve huge success. Anything is possible through mastery of these areas.

There is no magic food, no magic pill, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.

You must save yourself.

Quit waiting for the perfect time, the perfect plan, the answers are not going to fall in your lap. You must do this for you. Don’t allow others to hold you back. At the end of the day you must have your own back. You must build strong beliefs and forget the opinions of others. Stop playing small.

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