Do you struggle with this too?


Since I can remember, I’ve struggled with procrastination, not finishing what I start, motivation, laziness, being easily distracted, and not being able to follow through with my goals. Other women email and message me daily saying they struggle just as I did.

At a glance you may think the opposite of me. Many tell me I seem dedicated, driven and focused. The truth is I’ve been so frustrated with myself so, SO many times. I felt like my mind was a toddler that wandered and did as it pleased. I struggled in school to complete my work. In college I was the one cramming on the morning of the exam because I played tetris and pacman through most of my lectures. Every time I sat down to study I would end up watching youtube videos. I managed to pass everything, but I know I could have gotten so much more out of my degree if I had not been so lazy and applied myself.

In terms of fitness I’ve struggled with:

  • not being able to make my self go to gym for weeks or months
  • making excuses to never meal prep
  • not sticking to a program
  • being too lazy to track macros
  • making excuses as to why my goal isn’t important so I could ditch the plan
  • overeating when I wasn’t even hungry
  • eating out every night because I was too lazy to cook
  • sleeping in every morning even though I new how much I could benefit from morning walks
  • “falling off the wagon” then not being bale to get myself back on track for months at a time
  • feeling completely stuck and unmotivated
  • trying but not getting any results because my brain was working against me
  • self sabotage and negative self talk

The truth is, we can know exactly what we need to do, and still not do it. We lie to ourselves, tell ourselves stories why we can’t, live by our excuses, continue to act in a way that makes us feel guilty, ashamed and disappointed in ourselves.

I honestly felt SO stuck, so disheartened and disappointed in myself. Even when I thought I had so much of the puzzle figured out, I was missing a lot of pieces. Foundational pieces that could help keep everything together when things get tough.


Flash forward several years and I am a regular reader, I am slowly crushing my lazy ways, and I’ve figured out how to tackle some of my biggest issues. When roadblocks come, I’m far better equipped to handle those tricky and trying times. It’s true that life does not get any easier, but we have the power to make ourselves better and better. Until we feel like we can handle even the biggest of struggles.


Like health, nutrition and fitness, I love researching habit building, procrastination and energy optimisation. By much trial and error, I have found the best ways to get the most out of each day. I now create content much more consistently, I get up earlier and have more energy for my morning walks & evening training,  I have more discipline and focus thanks to better nutrition strategies and meditation practices. I have found ways to live my best life each and everyday. I love feeling like I have more time, simply because I am no longer inefficient and wasteful with my waking hours.


Added to this, my mood is much more consistent, meaning my motivation is at an all time high. My energy levels are optimal, and as action usually precedes motivation, this further adds to a positive snowball in my life.


It’s very hard to achieve things in life if you are constantly feeling tired and burnt out. It kills your positivity and motivation. I have suffered with being trapped in these negative loops more times than you would know. The times where people don’t see or hear from me for a while is usually when I’m quietly struggling through low times.


People have their own lives and own problems – it seems like no one around you knows or cares when you are truly struggling to get out of bed and face each day.  Whether it’s feeling like you have lost your purpose, you can’t make progress with your body or life goals, or just a general feeling that you will never feel like you are enough.


I pushed through, I made mistakes but I got back up and kept trying. I’ve gained valuable insights and strategies that help me come out on top every time. I’m thankful for these challenges as they have made me better equipped to help others. I’ve gained valuable empathy and understanding which allows me to be the best coach possible for women like me.


These not only help with me with health and fitness goals, but help me in every single area of life. I have now built these important strategies into my coaching. I believe that it is important to take your focus beyond your scale weight if you truly want to succeed long term. You must grow as a person and become better day by day. Trying the same things over and over – then being back to the same place or worse a year later needs to die.


I am so thankful to be feeling more whole and fulfilled than ever and being to work to help other women do the same every single day.


These days it feels like I totally have my shit figured out – and now I get to help girls just like me do the same <3


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