REVIEW: Crankt Protein

This may seem like an overly positive review, but there really is nothing bad I could say about this product. It has everything I want and love in a protein source.

A few months ago Crankt Protein contacted me asking to join their team of Crankt Athletes. I was very excited about this, as Crankt is something that I always buy at the grocery store or service station when I need a quick and tasty protein source. I only like posting about things I actually use and will be useful to my followers, and Crankt is just that.

It’s ready to drink shake options also have caffeine. They are a first choice for me when I’m on the run and want to get a good serve of protein for my first meal. Packing them on my travels while dieting means I can stay in great shape more easily.

I’ve now tried out all the bars and shake flavours. My go to shake is the choc honeycomb Crankt Max. This has a perfect 30g of protein which help me reach my daily protein target whether I’m trying to lose fat or build muscle. Most females I coach struggle to meet their daily protein needs, and also don’t like to eat too much meat or a heavy meal in the first half of their day. Crankt makes eating towards a better body easier and more enjoyable.

As for the bars, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Choc coconut, raspberry and caramel are all delicious alternatives to a regular chocolate bar that help blunt cravings and promote lean muscle. I recommend my clients pack a box of these whenever they go away for a few days or more. This means they always have an easy and trackable option to help them stay on track.

The combination of protein and caffeine is perfect for increasing energy and blunting hunger. Two things that become increasingly important when dieting to lower levels of body fat.

If you are a lover of coffee, the double espresso flavour is a nice switch for a daily coffee, especially if you have trouble getting protein throughout the day. You’ll get the best pick me up while staying on track with your goals.

Energy from guarana and ginseng will keep you going, in combination with added vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and feeling great.

You can also use them in delicious high protein recipes that make you feel like you aren’t even dieting. Try the following to satisfy your sweet tooth:

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake:


Crankt Peanut Butter Cups:


If you are looking for ways to fit more protein in and blunt hunger and cravings, start with Crankt.


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