8 Week Challenge with Dell Farrell

I work with women both in person and online all over the world to transform the way they live and how they reach their goals. It’s about more than just telling you how to eat or train. My 6 week program goes way beyond that. I want to set you up with the skills to thrive and live a truly fulfilling life. Working to develop a growth mindset is part of this process. With my support I take you through 6 weeks of training so that you no longer have to worry about whether you are going in the right direction. I will give you the skills for long term sustained success. No more second guessing yourself or trying things that just don’t work. Starting with weekly check ins, I keep you accountable to your chosen goals. I push you to go beyond what you think is possible and guide you every step of the way.



My program is based on tracking macros and eating towards your goals. I show you exactly how to do this and break it all down to make it as easy as possible. If you aren’t prepared to track macros, this program probably isn’t for you. This challenge is for ladies who want to get impressive results and use all the best tools to do so. You won’t need to eat 5-6 times a day or lug tupperware everywhere. The eating schedule is based on your lifestyle and not rigid or unreasonable. It is designed to make you less hungry and less food focused.

As mentioned in my article on counting calories, here are the reasons why my methods of tracking are superior to the traditional methods:


We start high.
Giving you more calories and carbs to work with initially is healthier mentally and physically. If you start at under 1500cals, you will stall sooner, have less energy to complete workouts, have less nutrients to help your body recover. As your body adapts, we have plenty of calories to work with if we need to adjust down. This is a super sustainable method that give incredible results.

We don’t skimp on the protein.
If you do any research on protein and body composition, you’ll find out that it is a HUGE help. It helps repair and promote lean muscle mass. It helps keep you fuller for longer. It has a higher thermic effect than other macros. Do not underestimate the importance of protein when it comes to looking your best. The protein number I prescribe you will be optimal without being excessive. Please split this number evenly into 3 or 4 servings each day. Because we don’t store protein like other macros, it is the most important number to hit each day.

We love fibre.
You will need to hit a fibre number (20g+) with your macros. Your transformation challenge guide and daily habits will help you hit your fruit and veg intake. This helps with keeping you regular, fullness, and overall health.

We love carbs.
Forget the low carb propaganda. Eating carbs is one of the best things you can do for your transformation. They fuel your workouts and help regulate important hormones and sleep. We don’t deprive you of carbs and under fuel your training. Placing your carbs before your workout and in your last meal is what we recommend.

We do the numbers.
Your weekly check ins determine whether adjustments need to be made. We don’t guess and we don’t adjust until needed. Everybody responds differently so we take a whole range of metrics into consideration with your diet and training program.

We teach you HOW to track.
There are few common mistakes made when tracking. These mistakes can throw your numbers and progress way off course. I assess your digital food diary weekly as well as your habit goals to see how you can improve each week. These small continual improvements add up to huge results over time.

We help you understand.
Rather than giving you a meal plan that doesn’t allow you to think for yourself, we guide and educate you so your progress can keep going beyond your challenge. Instead of setting you up for rebound and disappointment, we give you the knowledge and tools for success.

We are here to help.
Change can be very confronting, scary and hard. Having someone to talk to and support you when you feel stuck makes a world of difference. Our constant email support and weekly check ins mean you are never alone in this process.



The training plan will involve gym workouts. You will either need access to a gym or home gym equipment. I customise the training program to what you have available to you. My goal is to get you as strong as possible, in order to have a beautiful tight and toned shape. Hours of cardio is off the table – there’s a misconception that you need to suffer through hours of boring cardio in order to get the body you want. My program focuses on time-efficient strength training with weights and nailing your nutrition, to make this possible with even the busiest of schedules. You won’t need to spend excessive time in the gym training. But you will need to work hard. 



To develop the growth and improvement mindset, the weekly post check in sessions will challenge you to evaluate and reflect on what you can improve. Getting 1% better everyday adds up to incredible transformation over time. You’ll also have constant email support to get in touch if you get stuck or have any questions.


Any coach can talk about the results they’ve had, but I’m big on letting my results show for themselves.


Bonita Tyler

“Before I started the 10 week challenge with Dell as my trainer, I had tried just about every diet under the sun including: shakes, low cal, low carb, basically you name it I tried it. Yeah and they were all great for only 4 weeks when I would get cranky and binge and put it all back on. Dell helped me get my nutrition on track and helped me learn that you can have lots of food (which I love) and carbs (which I love) and still lose weight. The exercise plans Dell did for me were great. Previously I would just delve into any old exercise and wasn’t seeing any benefits, but with her assistance I am seeing real results and I feel stronger and fitter than ever (well at least since I was 17). I enjoy doing weights and have learnt how important they are to do, not just doing cardio. To this day I have lost 8 kilos (over 10 weeks) and I know that I can actually sustain this through what I have learnt on this journey. Thanks Dell for all your help. Cheers Bring on the weigh in!”






A lot of programs tell you to work hard and stay positive, but don’t tell you how. I will give you more tools to master an unstoppable mindset. You aren’t going to be dieting for the rest of your life. I will conclude the program by teaching you how to transition into a maintenance phase and then gradually into intuitive eating. It’s great to be able to transition between these phases for sustainable results. I’m opening up this challenge to 10 women only, who want to transform their bodies and lifestyles. The reason I only open ten spaces per course is that I want to give you the best support possible. If you think you are eligible, apply at the link below. 


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