8 Week Challenge


The 8 Week Challenge is designed to upgrade your mindset while giving you the knowledge and structure needed to propel you toward your goals. 


Over 8 weeks you will get:

1 Constant email support: email me at any time for a quick response if you are feeling lost or stuck, or need help in any area.

2 Habit building and improvement strategies: stepping stone mini goals will set you up to for long term success. This will make succeeding feel easier and make the biggest difference long term. 

3 Custom Macros & how to track accurately – your calories and macros are customised according to your stats and preferences. These are updated as needed based on feedback from progress tracking. This is a precise way to eat towards your goal.

4 Meal structure – Setting up a better routine to minimise hunger and maximise energy.

5 Strength Training program – a trackable training program that ensures you progress towards the body YOU want. This program requires a gym, but can also be customised to include some at home workouts if needed.

6 Technique – Videos and tips provided for each exercise. You can also submit any videos if you would like help with technique on exercises.

7 Cardio – minimal cardio to suit your goals.

8 Progress tracking – measurements, photos & food diary tracking are checked weekly for accountability.

9 Mindset and motivation tips to help keep you on track even when life gets in the way. Free yourself from thinking that holds you back.

10 Facebook Support Group with regular updates to ensure continual improvement and support. 

The key here is going to be finding an exercise an eating program you really enjoy so you are motivated to maintain your success. Having a coach means you don’t have to worry about making adjustments or second guessing yourself. You just get to enjoy the process and it will take a lot of stress out of it for you. 

The total you will pay is $189USD in total for 8weeks. (paid via PayPal)

*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL > Sign up for my next challenge by December 23rd and receive the discounted price of $159 plus an additional 2 skype strategy sessions at the half way point and end of your 8 week course. 

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