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This Is The Book I Wish My Younger Self Had Read

Know What It REALLY Takes To Achieve Your Fitness Goals


I’m SUPER excited to finally release an eBook I’ve just finished editing, as it’s exactly what I wish someone had told me when I first started my fitness journey. In the middle of working on my coaching platform, I realised the biggest challenge my clients faced was NOT the knowing of WHAT to do – information is available everywhere, just google “how to make my butt bigger”, “how to get toned abs” or “how do I have a bikini-ready bod for summer” and you’ll have all the meal plans, workouts and guidance you could need.


I knew that I had to finish this book urgently and get it out there to save you from the BIGGEST obstacle in your way – your mindset.


This is the book I wish my younger self had read when I started – to know that it is okay to struggle, to feel like I want to quit and to know how damn good it feels to overcome it all. I know this will change the way you approach and handle the obstacles on your journey, and I want to just get this out there and share it to as many people as possible. I’m giving you NO excuse as to why you can’t have access to it. Similar eBooks are priced around the $19 – $39 mark. This isn’t a business decision for me.


Before and After embracing my ‘Winning Mindset’

I’m celebrating the change in the way you think, and you finally making it in your fitness journey and not quitting on yourself by giving this to you for the price of a takeaway coffee – $2.99.


I’m also not going to pretend like this is a special offer that’s only available for the first 500 buyers. I’ll still be writing articles and providing you with plenty of awesome free content whether you buy it or not. I want this to be the go-to guide to get back on track if you ever become stuck, get demotivated or simply need a boost – so when I update this for any reason, you will get free updates for life. If you want the no BS, real talk on what it takes to look in the mirror and be so damn proud of yourself for how far you’ve come, and how to shift your mindset to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you, get your copy now.

Coach Dell.

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