How to Succeed: Developing Grit


It’s no surprise that the more dedicated you are, the more likely you are to succeed.  “Grit” can be used to measure how likely you are to succeed. “Grit is perseverance and persistence. It’s an unwillingness to wilt, complain, or cry about one’s current state. It’s the ability to accept your reality and make the best of it, never wishing you were somewhere else, or in someone else’s shoes.” (Muscle for Life, 2017).   Your ability to stick to what…

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10 Reasons your Diet isn’t working

The scales aren’t moving. You thought your diet was going ok but nothing is happening. You are losing the motivation to continue. But are you making these common mistakes… 1. You aren’t tracking what you eat: Thinking that calories don’t matter is a pitfall many fall into. “But I eat clean” or “I’m eating healthy” is not enough for some people. Calories are not all that matter, but getting the right amount of protein, carbs, fats and fibre for your…

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If you feel like giving up…


Every one of us faces obstacles. Obstacles that stand between us and our goals, our happiness, our best selves. This is not an article to tell you what 5 foods you should eat or what exercise is so hot right now. It’s time for real talk. Self love beats hate. Forget about self hate and pity. This will only prevent you from overcoming setbacks. Do not wear yourself down, there are plenty of other things and people that will try…

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What to do when Fat Loss Stalls

  After a long period of not dieting and eating whatever I want, about 5 weeks ago I decided to make fat loss a priority. Eating out excessively, buying a new house, renovating and partying a lot meant that dieting was the last thing on my mind. After deciding to enter into a fat loss phase, I began with 3 simple goals:   STARTING TARGETS Go to gym 3 times a week – No minimum standard or duration was set,…

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What’s the best way to figure out my macros for IIFYM?


Want to know where to start with macros? Are online methods and information confusing you? Start here. There are various online calculators and other methods or formulas to help you calculate your IIFYM macronutrient needs (macros). These methods help us find a starting point for our daily requirements. Apps like myfitnesspal tend to underestimate what we need as active individuals and under prescribe protein.  It is important to understand that any method is just an estimate. There are many variables…

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What Supplements Am I Taking? Top 5 Picks


Walk into any supplements store and you will probably get upsold into buying 37 products you didn’t know you needed. The truth is, the supplement industry is hella shady and will tell you anything to make you buy an extra product. But will the product actually help you, or do anything at all? I don’t want anyone wasting dollars on supplements that aren’t going to help. You can get to your goal without ending up with a cupboard full of…

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Intermittent Fasting for Fat loss

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a highly controversial topic. The popular belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been debunked. This has created a shitstorm among the health and fitness community. All too often you hear contradictory statements around nutrition and health. This may lead you to believe that science isn’t all too accurate. However, most of the fundamentals are agreed upon by legitimate experts in the field. For example, we know that calories in vs calories…

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Strength Training for women: the Lean & Toned Look

lean toned women

  If you want a better than average body, you need a better than average training program. If you think that you will “bulk up” from heavy weight training, think again. The only way your are going to look bulky is if you are overeating or taking performance enhancing drugs. I have heavy squats and deadlifts to thank for my feminine, petite and toned body. I guarantee you, by following the structure outlined below, and tracking your macros to eat…

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Overwhelmed with Flexible Dieting? Try these Ten IIFYM tips


When a diet is too hard to stick to, you become overwhelmed and unmotivated, and the chance of success diminishes. As a coach, it is my job to make things as easy as possible. Flexible dieting becomes easier when you prioritise both preparation  and habit building. Following these steps leads to more sustainable long term results. If you are coming from a 6 meal a day, clean eating regimen, flexible dieting aka IIFYM (if it fits your macros) can appear…

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Is Low Carb Dieting Screwing You Over?

Carbs are one very misunderstood food group. They have been demonised endlessly by many dieting cults. They have been getting a bad rap for far too long. Let’s dispel some myths and find out why carbs while dieting are actually a good idea. Carbs aren’t just bread and pasta. Sugar, fruit, rice, vegetables, legumes, wheat products, soy and dairy products, all contain carbs. There are nutrient dense and high fibre carbs, as well as nutrient poor carbs that aren’t as…

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