Why you STILL aren’t getting results

Passion and purpose drive us in life. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning, what makes you push yourself, what sparks your curiosity and motivates you to continually grow and improve.   When we have passion and purpose, the hard things seem easier. It’s what gets you through a tough day, what motivates you to become the best version of yourself.   It’s no secret that this is the fuel of the successful. Despite setbacks and failures…

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Product Review: SLIMTUM

I’m usually not one to do product reviews as I don’t believe in relying too heavily on supplements to lose weight. To get lean and toned, you need to prioritise strength training and be in a calorie deficit. Using supplements can help to some degree, but I always emphasise getting the fundamentals down before turning to supplements. That is why I provide a tonne of free info to get you started on my site. As you may have experienced, when…

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I have a lot of friends, clients, and strangers on the internet tell me that they feel uncomfortable at gym. Going to gym is something that can make a lot of us feel awkward and uneasy.   I want to share my experience with you and explain why going to the gym doesn’t have to be scary.   People go into a gym thinking others are looking at them and judging them for the way they look, their form, or…

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Why I am a Strength & Nutrition Coach

For some time I was disheartened with the industry. I saw girls who had never struggled with weight become instagram famous and sell dumb programs that just don’t work for most people. The advice a lot of these individuals give is simply terrible.  “Comp Prep” coaches pushing illegal substances to go along with their extreme diets that leave their clients without energy while giving them an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I’ve seen this paired with excessive cardio drive people…

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Counting Calories

I want to talk about counting calories. It’s a method that doesn’t work for a lot of people, or only works for a short time. I want to talk about the reasons why my methods of tracking macros are superior to the regular calorie counting process. Where do most people go wrong with calorie counting? They try to go as low as possible from day 1 They estimate instead of tracking accurately They over restrict and then binge on weekends…

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IIFYM: How to get results by Tracking Macros

How do you win? Do the hard things. Find the things that are most uncomfortable and do them over and over. You must fight your excuses and rationale at every turn to make sure it does not hold you back from your true potential. The difference between winning and losing is being able to ignore the BS reasons your brain gives you and replace them with a never stop trying conviction. When it comes to significant body recomposition, it’s going…

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How to: Tracking Progress with Photos

Photos are a great way to measure progress. Simply looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale can be deceiving. But not all photos are created equal. In order to be able to use photos to measure progress, there are a few things we need to keep in mind. 1 Lighting & Background Try to use a well lit area. You want the natural or artificial light ideally behind the camera for best photo quality. Try to take photos…

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5 things NOT to do if you want results

  1 Stop quitting when things get hard When the obstacles you face become hard to tackle, quitting is an attractive option. It’s easier to quit than to keep trying. Fear of failure and lack of perseverance hold us back in every meaningful pursuit. You must act as if failure is not an option. If things get hard, respond by working harder. If you slip up or don’t feel like it once the initial novelty has worn off, remind yourself…

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Improve: A Practical Guide to a Better You

Do the same thing and you will get the same result. Instead of just thinking about what to do next, take the time to observe, analyse and improve. Identify areas for improvement that will make a difference. Here is how I push myself to improve: List 5 things you did well yesterday to help you improve: (Here’s my five for the goal of getting leaner and healthier) 1 Woke up and walked my dog for 45min 2 Ate a large…

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How to Succeed: Developing Grit


It’s no surprise that the more dedicated you are, the more likely you are to succeed.  “Grit” can be used to measure how likely you are to succeed. “Grit is perseverance and persistence. It’s an unwillingness to wilt, complain, or cry about one’s current state. It’s the ability to accept your reality and make the best of it, never wishing you were somewhere else, or in someone else’s shoes.” (Muscle for Life, 2017).   Your ability to stick to what…

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